Production Molding


In MPI's Production facility you will find not only dedicated employees, but highly experienced employees as well.

  • MPI's Production Molders boast of a reassuring 7 year average experience per molder.
  • Exceptional quality rating of 99%.

Trained Set Up Technicians that take the task of:

  • Mold installation through the ISO 13485 first article buy off process.
  • Accurately documented manufacturing plans.
  • Quick, efficient and consistent set-ups.

MPI maintains a well equipped secondary department with ultrasonic welders, pad printing and special assemblies.

The MPI production department is in the unique position of having:

  • 9 molding machines able to utilize the same tools.
  • Provides MPI maximum flexibility for customers' particular needs.
  • Machines are equipped with the NC9000G multi-functional controllers.
  • All molding machines supported with Thermolators, Dryers & Granulators.
  • Broad range of horizontal molding machines from 44 ton to 200 ton.
  • 50 ton, 15 ton vertical press, 30 ton shuttle press available.
  • Production monitoring and the storage of process information all add up to a finely tuned State-of-the-Art facility.
  • On time delivery is unmatched in the industry.
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