Quality Control

Quality Control

MPI’s quality department has a rigid inspection procedure that consists of "Critical Measurements Inspection", which complies with  ISO 13485 medical certifications.

Documented visual and dimensional inspections are made each hour by the molding operators per MPI procedures.

The well-equipped quality department has all the required measuring tools with controlled calibration schedules.

Every customer's part has a detailed manufacturing and quality plan included in the job book and is maintained by the quality department for dimensional and tolerance compliance.

Quality Tool

All changes to the part requested by the customer are noted in the controlled job book and is reviewed and signed off by management with strict attention to revision levels.

MPI's corrective action teams actively look for any part inconsistency and suggest changes to MPI management for improvements to the parts.

First article inspections on all parts are accomplished at the beginning of each run. These parts are approved and verified in the daily function of the quality plan.

The parts history is an important part of the quality department at MPI. Samples of each part are stored in MPI sample containers and kept for the required ISO 13485 time period.

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"Continued improvement" is just one more "Way of life here at Magnum Plastics Inc."

Quality and customer services is maintained reviewing:

  • On time shipment reports
  • Corrective action data reports
  • Machine labor utilization reports
  • Cost analysis/efficiency reports
  • Back log reports
  • ISO Audit/Corrective Action Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Profit and Loss Statements